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Parkinson's disease is a progressive, chronic brain disorder. The nerve cells in the 'black core' die slowly. These nerve cells produce the substance dopamine, a 'messenger substance' that ensures that the body receives the right signals to carry out the tasks of the brain. As a result of the death of the nerve cells, a shortage of dopamine is created. The end result is that the brain gives incorrect signals to the other brain areas. The 'autopilot' will falter. This means that Parkinson patients have difficulty in picking up small objects, making flowing movements and that inertia, lack of movement, stiffness, tremor and cognitive problems can arise, such as indecision and lack of initiative. It is not (yet) known what causes the nerve cells to die.

This is a collective term for neurological disorders that in many respects show great similarity to Parkinson's disease. In part, the different parkinsonisms lead to the same symptoms, which cause stiffness, mobility problems and a tight facial expression. A difference with Parkinson's disease is that other parts of the brain are also affected. In addition, medication prescribed for Parkinson's disease has little or no effect in people with Parkinsonism.

Parkinson's Association 
In the Netherlands there are about 50,000 people with Parkinson's disease or a parkinsonism. The Parkinson Association is an active association that has 9,000 members (people with Parkinson's disease and/or a parkinsonism and family) and other PwPs in the Netherlands. We contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the patient of today. We do this by bringing patients together, letting them talk and decide, provide information and initiate and stimulate scientific research. 

Parkinson2Beat and Parkinson association work together
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