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Parkinson2Beat is a team of enthousiastic people (50% with Parkinsons) and has four goals:

  1. raise the awareness of the impact of Parkinson’s at the environment (family, friends, employment and project team);
  2. raise the awareness of the fact that there is (almost) no basic research wrt Parkinson’s;
  3. Development of and raising awareness of possible direction of solutions how to finance basic research wrt Parkinson;
  4. Raising funds for basic research wrt Parkinson’s.

The team cooperates with the Parkinson Vereniging. Initiative came from Ruud Overes (57).

Ruud is diagnosed for Parkinson’s since 1 year. Being an enthusiastic bicycle rider he had always a plan of making a nice big bicycle tour after his retirement. Parkinson’s seems to make this impossible. He decided: It is now or never and the ‘Trip around Europe’ was born. At the 28th of June 2018 he left his little farm house for a trip of 10.000 km in 80 days. At the end it took a bit longer.

Via this, TwitterFacebook, Instagram and YouTube we will inform you about his trip.

Omroep Brabant made this beautiful documentary of his departure from Eersel. 


Route klThis is Ruud's global route, for details of the route click here 
If you want to know where Ruud was the last 7 days: click here.


Daily trip Information


Days abroad                : 100
Days of biking             : 85
Tot. distance                :     9.016 km
Tot. meters of height :   83.445 m
Tot. KCal (sport)          : 202.800 KCal


Tot. distance                :     9.016 km
Tot. meters of height :   83.445 m
Tot. KCal (sport)          : 202.800 KCal

Route last 24 hours   : click here

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