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10,000 kilometers in 80 days ....
Strava is a well-known app among cyclists and runners. It keeps track of all your achievements and gives nice overviews. 
Excellent information that we can show you during the bike ride.

Below you see two modules. 
The first module shows you how much I've cycled in the last few months (if I did not forget to turn on the app.) 
The second module shows the individual trips. If you click on of those trips you can see in detail on a map where I have been, the altitude, calories consumed and the time biking.



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Daily trip Information


Days abroad                : 100
Days of biking             : 85
Tot. distance                :     9.016 km
Tot. meters of height :   83.445 m
Tot. KCal (sport)          : 202.800 KCal


Tot. distance                :     9.016 km
Tot. meters of height :   83.445 m
Tot. KCal (sport)          : 202.800 KCal

Route last 24 hours   : click here

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