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My name is Ruud Overes and I am 56 years old. One year ago I was was diagnosed with Parkinson's. At that time I was program manager at Philips Healthcare. That job was perfect for me: Complex, dynamic, international, energetic, very visible. However, the last active half year was a torture. As I discovered there was a reason, but at that moment it was very frustrating. Many will recognize the symptoms: I was physically and mentally unable to work. What bothered me the most was my poor short-term memory and that I am no longer stress-resistant. I slept 16 hours a day at that time.

However, all the disadvantages come with an advantage (to mis-quote Johan Cruijff). I suddenly had a lot of spare time and I started to exercise and I set new goals. I became physically stronger again. Slowly a part of the extreme fatigue disappeared. Unfortunately, the cognitive part remained frustratingly bad.

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